ClamAV messed up

Res res at
Tue Nov 7 09:25:39 GMT 2006

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Gerry wrote:

> I got it working!
> I removed ClamAV rc0.99 totally including the libclamav files.  I then
> installed the latest release 0.88.6.  Once I had that installed I went back
> and tried to reinstall Mail::ClamAV.  This time it worked.
> I have now enabled clamavmodule in MailScanner.conf and am back to
> normal...well, nearly.  For some reason update_virus_scanners still thinks
> there is a generic virus scanner installed but I can live with that!

This is OK, if it bothers you, in your mailscanner etc directory, 
virus_scanners.conf, just hash out generic :)



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