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Tue Nov 7 04:03:22 GMT 2006


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> Subject: ClamAV messed up
> I upgraded from FC 4 to FC 6 a short time ago.  I thought 
> everything was
> working until I ran into problems with ClamAV and MailScanner:
> 1. MailScanner was continually restarting until I changed 
> "clamavmodule" to
> "clamav" in MailScanner.conf
> 2. Running MailScanner --lint indicates that I have "clamav" 
> in the conf
> file but MailScanner finds "clamavmodule" instead
> 3. Doing an upgrade_virus_scanners checks ClamAV but also 
> generic.  I don't
> have generic listed anywhere
> 4. Running MailScanner -v shows that Mail::ClamAv is installed
> 5. Using CPAN to reinstall Mail::ClamAV says it is already 
> installed.  Doing
> a forced install fails at the make
> Inspite of all this ClamAV is scanning messages.  I'm using 
> MailScanner
> 4.56.8-1 and ClamAV of rc2-99.  I know that's a rc level but 
> I had the same
> problem with 0.88.5 and thought I'd try something different.
> I haven't a clue where to start on this.

I can tell you (posted this last week) that the 0.90rc2 version is not
compatible with the Mail::ClamAV module. They took out some key rar related
exports when they incorporated their own unrar engine (which seems to work
great). Even if you uncomment the obvious problem (I believe it was
CL-DISABLERAR) there are a couple of other items I just didn't have the time
to track down. Just stick with the command line scanner until the author
releases a compatible version, which took weeks the last time the clam
developers messed around with the exports and did not retain backward
compatible stubs.


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