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Thu Nov 2 14:31:58 GMT 2006

Why?  Because the customer asked that a default disclaimer/signature
block be added to all his outbound emails.  I figured using my
mailscanner box as a smarthost and then using the rules to sign outbound
messages would be easiest.

All I was missing was the architecture of the rules to "sign" just the
outbound messages from his domain.

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At 11:56 AM 11/1/2006, you wrote:
>I'm currently using mailscanner to scan all inbound mail and that works

>Is there a way to use mailscanner to also be the outbound mail server 
>and add a disclaimer/signature block to all outbound messages like it 
>does for inbound scanned messages?

I've gotta ask..


I know of no anti-virus program that looks for "This message was scanned
and found to be clean" and then ignores scanning the message.

What's the point?

I've seen spam with a EXE virus attached ("Microsoft Security Patch! 
INSTALL NOW!") with a "This message was found to be virus clean."

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