Question regarding FLOCK or POSIX with Sendmail 8.13.x and MailScanner.

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Nov 2 20:23:21 GMT 2006

>> 8.12.11
>> came out. The consensus so far has been ;
>> Linux and sendmail 8.12 = flock
>> Linux and sendmail 8.13 = posix
>> Also note that there have been some problems with dovecot if it is set
>> to a
>> different locking.
> Can dovecot use posix?
Yes. It is called by fcntl in dovecot.

>> I am still curious as to how you have been so lucky with no problems!
>> Are you running on a filesystem other than ext2/ext3?
>> Maybe Core 4 has a kernel that doesn't have the locking problem that the
>> enterprise distros lack because of the conservative patching that is
>> done.


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