A note about ClamAV 0.90rc2

Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Wed Nov 1 17:09:11 GMT 2006

I installed the 0.90rc2 release this morning, to test the internal unrar
code mainly, and found it breaks the ClamAVModule in a big way. And
MailScanner dies without explanation over and over. In debug mode you will
find the error in the module. I did a manual compile on Mail::ClamAV and
found the problem is in the CL_DISABLERAR section. Apparently the ClamAV
maintainers did nothing to accommodate backward compatibility in this
regard, so you cannot even compile the module (without doing some rewriting)
with the 90rc2 (and probably RC1) version. If you use the rc2 version you
will have to switch to the command line clam scanner. 

I did note that clamscan now detects rar files regardless of their extension
(or lack there of) unlike the previous versions. I think, therefore, the
--unrar= line for the clamscanners is no longer required but there would
have to be some code to detect versions that are older than 0.90rc2 so the
external rar switch is not passed. Or Julian will have to require the 0.9x
versions once they are the standard release. Of course if the Mail::ClamAV
author doesn't release a compatible version by then the module shouldn't be
used, or some form of version clam check should automatically disable it. 

Rick Cooper

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