Getting pounded .. sigh

Matt Hampton matt at
Sun May 28 19:36:54 IST 2006

Stephen Swaney wrote:

> The method described in the wiki should work with any client software since
> the MTA (sendmail) accepts the entire message and then splits it into
> individual messages, one for each recipient.

Yes but there must be something else that needs doing or myself or the
other person would have the same error.
> define(`confMAX_RCPTS_PER_MESSAGE',`1') will reject any email addressed to
> more than one recipient. If this feature is defined it's typically set to a
> much higher threshold; something like:

My servers are not user facing.  I use this to get the functionality you
achieve using the queue groups.

> I hope this helps to explain the issue.

Thanks ;-) - now any ideas why my Queue groups don't work??? :-)


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