Thoughts please: 4.54.4 as a stable?

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu May 25 19:15:06 IST 2006

Daniel Maher wrote:
> I recently inherited a set of incoming mail servers running Postfix 2.0 and MailScanner 4.51.  They handle around 400,000 pieces of mail per day.  I am considering upgrading both Postfix and MailScanner for efficiency purposes (the newer versions of both are purported to be faster), but I am wary about fixing something that isn't broken (so to speak).
The major speed increases were up to 4.50. Is 4.54 much faster than 4.51?
> I would very much appreciate any and all commentary as to whether 4.54.x is stable, and whether it can be relied on for a reasonably large-scale mail operations in the global enterprise.
The current differences between 4.54.4 and the proposed 4.54.5 are 
(These give you a good idea of the stability as I have addressed every 
known problem with 4.54.4 in 4.54.5)

5 Added Net::IP Perl module as it is needed for SpamAssassin and Net::DNS.
5 Improved handling of Unicode encoded subject lines with a few trailing 
5 Fresh translation of German languges.conf file.
5 Fixed bug in sophos-wrapper caused by confusion between Sophos V4 and V5.
5 Fixed bug stopping regexp rule /^$/ from working properly in rulesets.

That is the total list of all known problems in 4.54 and improvements 
made to 4.54.5. I will release 4.54.5 as another beta (with no known 
problems at all) if you want me to.

I suspect the only thing you actually might want is the new 
sophos-wrapper which I have posted to the list already, a couple of days 

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