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Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Mon May 22 08:46:50 IST 2006


> Koopman, why don't you follow the thread and note my original message was
> quite cordial. It's the snotty remarks from Kai that started it. Notice how
> he has shut up since? I merely suggested that MS was swapping on my box.
> Then I got a bunch of nasty, snotty replies. Defend MS all the way, but
> there is no need to be rude about it.

Would it be too much asked to just be polite on this list? Can i kindly 
suggest that you otherwise just unsubscribe. I think with this you can
do yourself and many other subsribers a big favour. This is not the first 
thread thats going like this. I have asked you to provide some details, 
nothing back, i only see offending messages to other posters. I wonder why 
i even write this mail to you, knowing it will not make sense to you 

Take care,

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