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Thu May 18 21:45:28 IST 2006

> >X-%org-name%-MailScanner: generated
> >
> >Usted nos ha mandado un correo electronico no requerido, y ha sido 
> >  
> "enviado" sounds better than "mandado"... Less ambiguous... 
> "electrónico" requires an accent mark...
That's ok, but I don't know how it will look that accent when processed
by ms/mta/m..
But you are right, it was written like "electrónico" in other files.

> >rechazado. Por favor, no mande mas mails a esta direccion.
> >  
> "rechazado. Por favor no envíe más correo a esta dirección"
absolutely right

> >Si tiene preguntas acerca de esto o si cree qeu ha recibido este mensaje
> >  
> "que", not "qeu"
my fat fingers

> >por error, por favor contactese con los administradores de este sitio.
> >
> >  
> "contacte a los administradores de este sitio" instead of "contáctese 
> con", which would be a redundant third-person-reflexive-tense word 
> common in some South American countries. The analogy in English would be 
> to say "please contact the admins" instead of "you go ahead and make 
> contact with the admins yourself, on your own" :-)
I'm from argentina, so either way is ok with me

> Even though I've set up several MS installations in Spansh, I never 
> actually looked in the "es" folder. Guess I'll look now and start 
> contributing ;-)
We have some customized messages, but I was wondering if spanish is
in the top ten spoken language, maybe top five, or less if you 
belive everything the newspapers are writing. If I was the only
one using it whith the "es" selection.


Leonardo Helman
Pert Consultores

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