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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Wed May 17 23:34:57 IST 2006

On 17/05/06, Drew Marshall <drew at> wrote:
> > Unfortunately IRC from work is a no-no for me. So that rather limits
> > when I'm able to connect.
> > Add to that just too much to do (especially at home... Not to mention
> > the choir etc (yes, I sing in a church choir, a pretty good one at
> > that... We're just getting ready for a small tour:-)),
> I look forward to the MP3s being available for download. Will you take
> requests?? :-)

Requests? Sure, what would you like to hear.... I'll be glad to meet
at any convenient drinking facility and .... perform under the
influence:-):-). Can't promise any definite timeframe if the facility
happens to be anywhere other than the vicinity of Stockholm though:-(.
Anyway, although I wasn't part of the choir when they recorded a CD
last (for public sale, at least:-), my wife was... You can hear her at (It is the
sample called "Sov du barn"... She's really quite a good).

> > and the
> > prospects of me participating is pretty low. Sorry.
> >
> > But do suggest a time that would work for you. Who knows, we might get
> > lucky:-). And although Drew downplays his usefulness, I do believe he
> > should be in on it too.
> Glenn, you flatter me but I am always willing to help.

Not really, no. You have a polite tone and a good head on your
shoulders... What has that to do with flattery?;-)

-- Glenn
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