Might be off topic

Lance Haig lhaig at haigmail.com
Tue May 9 13:29:52 IST 2006

This is purely a hypothetical question and in now way represents any 
real situation.

I was thinking about this the other night and was wondering if any of 
you had ideas.

I know it is sad but I am sometimes sad like that :-)

What type of implementation would you use for say a 2 million email 
account system?

I was thinking I would have 4 - 4 processor 64 bit systems with 16Gb of RAM
and 1 - 4 processor 64bit system for mailwatch.

Do you think this would be able to take the load?

If everyone got 10 emails a day that is 20 million emails in one day. 
Each system would have to handle 5 million emails. which should be ok.

I would really like to know your thoughts.



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