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Lance Haig lhaig at
Sun May 7 10:33:00 IST 2006

Try Hula,
This is the Open source port of Novell's netmail which I use and it runs 
on almost any OS.
some of the features are not available yet but for what you need it 
seems the perfect fit.



kte at wrote:
> I want to install an opensource mailserver on linux wit about 1600 
> users who send or receive about 10 messages a day for each user. He 
> must have a web based admin + quota management + webclient + 
> connecting from an outlook client (imap, pop3). I there an easy 
> install/stable/configure open source mailserver that has these functions?
> I' looking at openexchange, zimbra, more.groupware? But I don't have 
> experience + they have more the just a mailserver + webclient
> Thanks Koen
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