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Wed May 3 13:39:22 IST 2006

On 03/05/06, kte at <kte at> wrote:
> I want to install an opensource mailserver on linux wit about 1600 users who
> send or receive about 10 messages a day for each user. He must have a web
> based admin + quota management + webclient + connecting from an outlook
> client (imap, pop3). I there an easy install/stable/configure open source
> mailserver that has these functions?
> I' looking at openexchange, zimbra, more.groupware? But I don't have
> experience + they have more the just a mailserver + webclient
> Thanks Koen
Prossibly a tad less polished than Petes suggestion, but do have a
look at courier ( As they say
themselves, you don't need to use their MTA, but can instead use for
example Postfix, together with their IMAP and webmail package.

I'm not sure that Dovecot has "enough" quota support yet, so ...
perhaps not fitting your bill... Not to mention that you'd need
complement it with some webmail (squirrel perhaps). Judge for yourself

Some will swear by Cyrus, others at it... Again, judge for yourself at

As Pete mentions, most/all "groupware suites" that have an OutLook
connector will charge you for it (open-ex etc).... And as you say,
they do a bit more than you really want them to, so why use them?

-- Glenn
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