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Bernard.Lheureux at ibsbe.be Bernard.Lheureux at ibsbe.be
Mon Mar 20 09:29:06 GMT 2006

I wanted to know if there was  a solution for the problem of "removed 
carriage returns" in attached text files passing through a MailScanner 
configured as a gateway with CentOS 4.2 ans Sendmail with ClamAV and 
I have read in the mailinglist that it should be a perl bug but in which 
module, and how to fix it ?
Do you have an idea where I could point my searches to ?

Best regards / Vriendelijke groeten / Cordialement,

Bernard Lheureux 
Consultant / System Engineer - Networking Team 
Leuvense Steenweg, 643 
1930 Zaventem - Belgium 
Phone: +32-(0)2-723.91.11     Fax: +32-(0)2-723.92.99
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