FreeBSD 6 - update_virus_scanners weirdness

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Sun Mar 19 19:29:10 GMT 2006

Thanks, Stephen.  I thought it might be an environment problem, but 
printenv never even crossed my mind.  In my defense, I was working on 
this thing into the wee hours...  That doesn't excuse this morning, 
though.  :)  This showed me the way...  wget wasn't in the limited path 
of the cron job.


Stephen Swaney wrote:
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>> Subject: FreeBSD 6 - update_virus_scanners weirdness
>> FreeBSD 6.0
>> MailScanner  4.51.6
>> Perl 5.8.8
>> This is a freshly built server, starting from a minimal FreeBSD 6.0
>> install.  I installed MailScanner from ports after manually downloading
>> MailScanner-install-4.51.6-1.tar.gz and fixing up the port to reflect
>> the newer version of the file.
>> If update_virus_scanners (or even update_virus_scanners.cron) is run
>> manually (as root), everything works fine.  If either is launched as a
>> cron job (as root), the f-prot autoupdater fails with the error:
>> "Updates download from failed. Suspect server
>> could not be reached,"  The f-prot-autoupdate script also works fine if
>> run directly.  I installed the systutils/rc_subr port since
>> update_virus_scanners.cron used it.  Also installed are clamav and
>> bitdefender, and their updates seem to work fine from the cron job.  I
>> disabled the ipfilter firewall for testing, but the problem still
>> occurs.  There is no proxy server.  MailScanner is working great, as
>> always.
>> Anyone have an idea what's happening here?
>> --
> This is not a MailScanner problem. Cron jobs run in a different, normally
> more restricted, environment than root's normal shell. 
> Setup a cron job that just runs `printenv` and compare that with the results
> of running `printenv` from a normal root shell.
> Hope this helps,
> Steve
> Stephen Swaney
> Fort Systems Ltd.
> stephen.swaney at

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