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> I'm shortly to buid a mail server that will be housed in an office and
> protected by a separate firewall.  Once again, I have to choose which
> distro
> to go with.  It boils down to CentOS or Debian because security patches
> will
> be available for these for the longest time (CentOS 4 till Feb 2012 and
> for
> Debian "about one year after the next stable distribution has been
> released").  OpenSUSE will be updated for 2 years.  CentOS is therefore my
> preferred choice.
> I'm pretty sure that Debian uses Exim as its default MTA.  CentOS uses, I
> believe, Sendmail but also has Postfix and Exim installed.  SUSE uses
> Postfix by default.
> RH9 is the distro I have most experience of, though I am in the process of
> configuring CentOS running Exim (it comes with the DirectAdmin control
> panel) and it hasn't been too much of a headache so far.
> However, from my experience with MailScanner and Exim, I gained the strong
> impression that MailScanner's "default" MTA is Sendmail.
> So, when all's said and done I think CentOS + Sendmail is my favoured
> combination.  Anyone think that's a mistake?

The "right" distro is the one you're most comfortable with. 

We use primarily CentOS and sendmail and have no problems. We like sendmail
because we use milters very effectively. We're doing some testing on various
milters now that we hope to be able to share with the list as soon as we're
done testing. 


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