Default MTA for various distros

Paul Welsh paul at
Fri Mar 17 23:08:43 GMT 2006

I'm shortly to buid a mail server that will be housed in an office and
protected by a separate firewall.  Once again, I have to choose which distro
to go with.  It boils down to CentOS or Debian because security patches will
be available for these for the longest time (CentOS 4 till Feb 2012 and for
Debian "about one year after the next stable distribution has been
released").  OpenSUSE will be updated for 2 years.  CentOS is therefore my
preferred choice.  

I'm pretty sure that Debian uses Exim as its default MTA.  CentOS uses, I
believe, Sendmail but also has Postfix and Exim installed.  SUSE uses
Postfix by default.

RH9 is the distro I have most experience of, though I am in the process of
configuring CentOS running Exim (it comes with the DirectAdmin control
panel) and it hasn't been too much of a headache so far.

However, from my experience with MailScanner and Exim, I gained the strong
impression that MailScanner's "default" MTA is Sendmail.

So, when all's said and done I think CentOS + Sendmail is my favoured
combination.  Anyone think that's a mistake?

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