Default MTA for various distros

John Jolet john at
Sat Mar 18 02:50:21 GMT 2006

> Paul,
> The "right" distro is the one you're most comfortable with.
> We use primarily CentOS and sendmail and have no problems. We like  
> sendmail
> because we use milters very effectively. We're doing some testing  
> on various
> milters now that we hope to be able to share with the list as soon  
> as we're
> done testing.

and I prefer gentoo with postfix.  I find the configuration of  
sendmail unnecessarily byzantine.  I started on sendmail years ago  
and fled to postfix at the first opportunity.  I don't run  
mailscanner in production yet, but my co-worker has run it quite well  
with postfix.  I think mta is a more critical choice for you than  
distro.  everyone is going to support sendmail and exim and postfix.   
(btw, we're switching from exim to postfix on most of our production  
boxes).  Of course, as the quote above says.....the right distro is  
the one you're most comfortable with.  Most of them have both pros  
and cons...which is why there are so many :)

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