By what means do you backup your mailscanner things?

Ken A ka at
Fri Mar 17 17:07:51 GMT 2006

rsync is a nice tool for backup purposes. It saves time and bandwidth 
and has lots of cool switches for backup jobs like this. Our backup jobs 
all run from one server and look like this:

day=`date +"%u"`

# mailscanner box
paths="/etc/mail /etc/MailScanner /var/spool/rbldnsd /usr/local/src"
for path in $paths;
do rsync -az --timeout=240 --log-format="%f %l" --delete $limit \ 
$server:/$path $outpath/$server;

# other server

The backup box is loaded with disk space and is secure behind a 
firewall, since the box has to have ssh keys to access the other boxes 
as root. The advantage is that all file transfers are encrypted and this 
centralizes all the backup jobs into a few scripts on one box.


Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
> I am looking at how to backup the files.  Here is what I have in mind,
> and I am positive that is it not the best and easiest way.
> Here is how to backup the MailScanner machine to /home/bpumphrey/backup.
> 1.	Delete the backup folder
> rm -r -f /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 1)	Make the backup folder
> mkdir /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 2)	Folder - /etc/mail
> cp -R -f /etc/mail /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 3)	Folder - /etc/mailScanner
> cp -R -f /etc/MailScanner /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 4)	Database - mailscanner
> mysqldump mailscanner > /home/bpumphrey/backup/mailscanner.txt
> 5)	.fetchmail stuff
> cp /home/spam/.fetchmailrc /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 6)	Quarantine Directory
> tar cf /home/bpumphrey/backup/quarantine.tar
> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine
> or
> cp -r /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine
> /home/bpumphrey/backup/quarantine
> 7)	Tar the file
> tar cf /home/bpumphrey/WoodenMS2.Backup.tar /home/bpumphrey/backup
> 8)	FTP the file to another machine

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