By what means do you backup your mailscanner things?

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> rsync is a nice tool for backup purposes. It saves time and bandwidth
> and has lots of cool switches for backup jobs like this. Our backup jobs
> all run from one server and look like this:
> day=`date +"%u"`
> outpath="/backup/daily/$day"
> limit="--bwlimit=1500"
> # mailscanner box
> server="mailscannerbox"
> paths="/etc/mail /etc/MailScanner /var/spool/rbldnsd /usr/local/src"
> for path in $paths;
> do rsync -az --timeout=240 --log-format="%f %l" --delete $limit \
> $server:/$path $outpath/$server;
> done;
> # other server
> server="otherbox"
> ....
> The backup box is loaded with disk space and is secure behind a
> firewall, since the box has to have ssh keys to access the other boxes
> as root. The advantage is that all file transfers are encrypted and this
> centralizes all the backup jobs into a few scripts on one box.
> Ken

And can be very secure when used with keychains: 

Also see 

Just setup keychains between the systems and then add 

rsync -az -e --timeout=240 --log-format="%f %l" --delete $limit 

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