By what means do you backup your mailscanner things?

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at
Fri Mar 17 16:01:38 GMT 2006

I am looking at how to backup the files.  Here is what I have in mind,
and I am positive that is it not the best and easiest way.

Here is how to backup the MailScanner machine to /home/bpumphrey/backup.

1.	Delete the backup folder
rm -r -f /home/bpumphrey/backup

1)	Make the backup folder
mkdir /home/bpumphrey/backup

2)	Folder - /etc/mail
cp -R -f /etc/mail /home/bpumphrey/backup

3)	Folder - /etc/mailScanner
cp -R -f /etc/MailScanner /home/bpumphrey/backup

4)	Database - mailscanner
mysqldump mailscanner > /home/bpumphrey/backup/mailscanner.txt

5)	.fetchmail stuff
cp /home/spam/.fetchmailrc /home/bpumphrey/backup

6)	Quarantine Directory
tar cf /home/bpumphrey/backup/quarantine.tar
cp -r /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine

7)	Tar the file
tar cf /home/bpumphrey/WoodenMS2.Backup.tar /home/bpumphrey/backup

8)	FTP the file to another machine

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