byes_toks.expireXXX files {OCVC Scanned}

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Billy A. Pumphrey spake the following on 3/16/2006 6:43 AM:
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>> Hi list,
>> As previously stated I have inherited a pair of MailScanners, the
>> previous admin left. On one of them I have been having a problem with
>> disk space, the problem seems to be the "bayes_toks.expire" files (at
>> /root/.spamassassin/), 5GBs of them. The fix, as I understand it, is;
>> (How do I control the bayes database from growing out of control right
>> now?)
>> Stop MS. Delete all files except bayes_journal, bayes_seen and
>> bayes_toks. Now run "sa-learn --force-expire".
>> I correct? How do I "Stop MS"? and will the Directory fill up
>> again?
>> BTW Thanks for previous help with the DAT files.
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>> Trevor Allett.
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> It sounds like you are new to MailScanner as I once was.  I too came to
> a company with a MailScanner machine and had no idea of how it ran or to
> use it.  
> I seen another post that you did and you were referred to the
> documentation.  There is plenty of documentation and you should read it,
> but I know that it can get confusing.  To answer your question:
> To stop mailscanner:
> service MailScanner stop
> To restart it:
> service MailScanner restart
> How do you see if it is working correctly?
> Get in the habit of typing this every time you restart MailScanner,
> service MailScanner restart && tail -f /var/log/maillog
> Since MailScanner logs to the default sendmail log, it is best to check
> that log to see if MailScanner is giving any errors.  It is the best
> starting point to see what is wrong.  The tail command will refresh the
> log and you can see it in real time.  You can look at the log not in
> real time by:
> vi /var/log/maillog

less /var/log/maillog is probably a better option here. Wouldn't want to
accidentally slime the logfile with something that has the potential to "save".

> Search the internet for the various vi commands.  Vi will let you edit
> files and so forth.  Not too simple but when you learn the commands it
> is easy.  I think most people recommend another program but vi will work
> if you want to use it.
> In the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf file there is a option that you
> should change to help these files.  Here is what mine is set to (I had
> this same question in the past).  Default was 0
> Rebuild Bayes Every = 432000
> So to do it....
> vi /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
> Type "/" to search.. so
> /
> Type "Rebuild Bayes"
> Hit enter
> This will take you to the setting
> Hit "i" to insert
> Use the arrow keys to change the value.  Do not use the num pad
> Hit "esc" when done
> The to save type ":wq" then hit enter.
> For humor you can read the following.
> We had a power failure once.  After that no one was getting external
> email.  I remembered that there was a company deskpro 500mhz computer
> sitting underneath a server that was our exchange server.  Oh, I wonder
> what that machine does.  It turned out to be the MailScanner machine.
> Whewww...
> Then I started messing with it, screwed it up and had to rebuild it.  So
> started my Linux career, which is barley past newbie even still.
> Hope that helps.

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