byes_toks.expireXXX files {OCVC Scanned}

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> Hi list,
> As previously stated I have inherited a pair of MailScanners, the
> previous admin left. On one of them I have been having a problem with
> disk space, the problem seems to be the "bayes_toks.expire" files (at
> /root/.spamassassin/), 5GBs of them. The fix, as I understand it, is;
> (How do I control the bayes database from growing out of control right
> now?)
> Stop MS. Delete all files except bayes_journal, bayes_seen and
> bayes_toks. Now run "sa-learn --force-expire".
> I correct? How do I "Stop MS"? and will the Directory fill up
> again?
> BTW Thanks for previous help with the DAT files.
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> Trevor Allett.
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It sounds like you are new to MailScanner as I once was.  I too came to
a company with a MailScanner machine and had no idea of how it ran or to
use it.  

I seen another post that you did and you were referred to the
documentation.  There is plenty of documentation and you should read it,
but I know that it can get confusing.  To answer your question:

To stop mailscanner:
service MailScanner stop

To restart it:
service MailScanner restart

How do you see if it is working correctly?
Get in the habit of typing this every time you restart MailScanner,
service MailScanner restart && tail -f /var/log/maillog

Since MailScanner logs to the default sendmail log, it is best to check
that log to see if MailScanner is giving any errors.  It is the best
starting point to see what is wrong.  The tail command will refresh the
log and you can see it in real time.  You can look at the log not in
real time by:
vi /var/log/maillog
Search the internet for the various vi commands.  Vi will let you edit
files and so forth.  Not too simple but when you learn the commands it
is easy.  I think most people recommend another program but vi will work
if you want to use it.

In the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf file there is a option that you
should change to help these files.  Here is what mine is set to (I had
this same question in the past).  Default was 0
Rebuild Bayes Every = 432000

So to do it....
vi /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
Type "/" to search.. so
Type "Rebuild Bayes"
Hit enter
This will take you to the setting
Hit "i" to insert
Use the arrow keys to change the value.  Do not use the num pad
Hit "esc" when done
The to save type ":wq" then hit enter.

For humor you can read the following.
We had a power failure once.  After that no one was getting external
email.  I remembered that there was a company deskpro 500mhz computer
sitting underneath a server that was our exchange server.  Oh, I wonder
what that machine does.  It turned out to be the MailScanner machine.

Then I started messing with it, screwed it up and had to rebuild it.  So
started my Linux career, which is barley past newbie even still.

Hope that helps.

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