FreeBSD port / script

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Thu Mar 9 14:58:18 GMT 2006

Koopmann, Jan-Peter wrote:
> If you use the system to startup your MTA the way you like it, you are of
> course free to do so and will not have any disadvantages. At the time the
> mta script was originally written there was no easy way to fire up the
> necessary MTA instanced from rc.conf alone (at least not for exim). If this
> is the case now and the script is obsolete: Fine with me. All I need then
> are detailed instructions for all MTAs under FreeBSD and I will get rid off
> the script.
> It is simply a way to ensure that the MTA in use is called the way that
> MailScanner needs it to be.

Understood. While im not sure about other MTA's, postfix has a RCng 
style startup script. So you just disable sendmail in rc.conf, and add a 

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