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Thu Mar 9 06:47:19 GMT 2006

On Wednesday, March 08, 2006 10:03 PM Mike Jakubik wrote: 

> What is the advantage of using this script? I have always used
> the system to start the MTA (postfix in my case), and have had no
> problems.  

If you use the system to startup your MTA the way you like it, you are of
course free to do so and will not have any disadvantages. At the time the
mta script was originally written there was no easy way to fire up the
necessary MTA instanced from rc.conf alone (at least not for exim). If this
is the case now and the script is obsolete: Fine with me. All I need then
are detailed instructions for all MTAs under FreeBSD and I will get rid off
the script.

It is simply a way to ensure that the MTA in use is called the way that
MailScanner needs it to be.

Kind regards,
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