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The one thing you can do to alleviate this with MailScanner is to use  
the "IPBlock" code within It only works with  
sendmail, if I remember correctly. You can put the maximum limit of  
email messages per hour that you accept from a domain or a block of  
IP addresses. Once it gets more messages that that from an address  
(or IP) it starts telling sendmail to block mail from that address.  
Once an hour the counters are reset.

Not many people use this, which is why it isn't a core feature, but  
the person who asked me to write it makes great use of it.

Fundamentally, this is really a job for you MTA, and not MailScanner  
at all. If you are using sendmail, then there are milters such as  
milter-ahead which will check the addresses it receives are real on  
your system, and rejects all messages that are being delivered to non- 
existent addresses. It is a lot faster than you might think it would  
be, as it does lots of caching, and it will reject a message long  
before the content of the message is transmitted. Thoroughly  
recommended. There are mailing list postings and Wiki pages that will  
tell you how to do something similar on other MTAs.

On 6 Mar 2006, at 03:19, Laurent Dinclaux wrote:

> Hello,
> I know I should buy the book and I certainly will, but I would like  
> to know where is MailScanner "sitting" in a SMTP transaction.
> I mean, is MailScanner able to reject a mail at SMTP level, before  
> downloading it and wasting bandwidth?
> Best regards
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