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Richard Thomas richard.thomas at
Wed Mar 1 22:33:01 GMT 2006

Julian Field wrote:

>It santises the filenames before logging them or outputting them in any way.
>One way it does this is by shortening them, except for the last filename 
>So you won't always see the full original filename. This is to stop 
>exploits based on the reporting of filenames (imagine if you made up a 
>filename that contained MIME boundaries, newline characters and a 
>complete MIME attachment). It never ever outputs raw data based on the 
>input data without sanitising it in some form.
>This is a fundamental anti-attack method I use.
OK, I understand the reasoning behind that. The problem is then I guess 
that it obscures the reason the file was blocked in the first place. Not 
that I'm complaining :) Just wondering if there might be some way to 
reconcile the two issues. (For now, I may just make the reject reason 
more explicit).



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