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I also see a /tmp/MS.bayes.rebuild.lock file whose access time is constantly 
being updated, but I see nothing in the maillog to indicate a rebuild is 

Maybe delete this file after stopping MS?

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> I've been following the thread on large bayes files, due to the fact that 
> mine is pretty big. I have been having a load average situation that does 
> not follow any particular pattern, and nothing I see triggers the sudden 
> upswing - it just seems to happen.
> Anyway, I am wondering how a couple of the MailScanner.conf parameters 
> interact with each other, as it doesn't seem to work the way I thought. I 
> hope I tie all of this together in some logical sense below.
> I have set in MS.conf the following settings:
> Restart Every = 14400
> Rebuild Bayes Every = 86400
> So I restart MS every 6 hours and rebuild bayes files every 24 hours. But 
> Mailwatch says the last expiry was on June 27, 3 days ago. Does the 
> Restart reset the timer for the Rebuild or is the timer determined from 
> the bayes database itself?
> Two questions then -
> 1) If the Restart resets the Rebuild timer, then shouldn't the Restart be 
> larger than the Rebuild parm?
> 2) If the Rebuild timer is determined from the DB itself, how come mine 
> hasn't been triggered for 3 days?
> Running MS 4.52.2-1 and SA 3.1.1
> Any clues, please? I believe I have all the other setting properly set in 
> MS.conf and spam.assassin.prefs.conf.
> Thanks
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