Question about time limits

Steve Campbell campbell at
Fri Jun 30 18:43:17 IST 2006

I've been following the thread on large bayes files, due to the fact that 
mine is pretty big. I have been having a load average situation that does 
not follow any particular pattern, and nothing I see triggers the sudden 
upswing - it just seems to happen.

Anyway, I am wondering how a couple of the MailScanner.conf parameters 
interact with each other, as it doesn't seem to work the way I thought. I 
hope I tie all of this together in some logical sense below.

I have set in MS.conf the following settings:

Restart Every = 14400
Rebuild Bayes Every = 86400

So I restart MS every 6 hours and rebuild bayes files every 24 hours. But 
Mailwatch says the last expiry was on June 27, 3 days ago. Does the Restart 
reset the timer for the Rebuild or is the timer determined from the bayes 
database itself?

Two questions then -

1) If the Restart resets the Rebuild timer, then shouldn't the Restart be 
larger than the Rebuild parm?
2) If the Rebuild timer is determined from the DB itself, how come mine 
hasn't been triggered for 3 days?

Running MS 4.52.2-1 and SA 3.1.1

Any clues, please? I believe I have all the other setting properly set in 
MS.conf and spam.assassin.prefs.conf.


Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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