Gateway mode for Communigate Pro

Jose Nathaniel G. Nengasca nats at
Wed Jun 28 02:19:47 IST 2006

Cameron B. Prince wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a client who is having serious issues with spam and other illicit
> content coming through his mail server. I have urged him to consider
> MailScanner but he would prefer to continue using Communigate Pro as his
> staff know the system and are comfortable with it.
> What I am curious about is using MailScanner as a front end for Communigate
> Pro. I have read the MAQ section about using MailScanner in gateway mode
> with Exchange and Domino. Will the same configuration apply for Communigate
> Pro and would it be possible to point the mailertable to a virtual host on
> the same server?
> Thanks,
> Cameron
Theres one thing you can do for it, take out communigate pro and replace 
it a linux with mailscanner installed, and put communigate somewhere 
along the network, make changes on the mailertable, that will point it 
to your communigate and added to that you change your dns settings on MX 
that point to your mailscanner box, that way all email will 
automatically drop to your mailscanner box then forward it to 
communigate pro. hope that it shed some light on your problem. just a 
thought from a lousy network admin....

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