Gateway mode for Communigate Pro

John Rudd jrudd at
Wed Jun 28 03:00:18 IST 2006

Why not use CommuniGate Pro's existing anti-virus and anti-spam 
plugins?  With the new version of CGP, you can even do these checks 
during the SMTP session.

For free plugins:   CGPAV works with multiple virus scanners (including 
                     CGPSA does Spam Assassin

For pay: CommuniGate's page gives 2 commercial AntiSpam plugins 
(Cloudmark and one other), and 3 or 4 AntiVirus plugins (Sophos, 
Kaspersky, McAfee, and I think one other).

For attachment blocking, there's a plugin that adds a header for 
attachment names in the message, and then you can write CGP server 
rules to reject, discard, etc. messages depending upon what that header 

(I also used to have some scripts that allowed you to use MailScanner 
with CGP directly, but they never got integrated into MailScanner, and 
I don't support them anymore ... but some other people on the list 
might still have copies of them running)

As for your concern about scanning _every_ piece of mail that comes 
through the system, it's trivial to set up CGP to exempt different 
messages from scanning (whether you're using my MailScanner 
integration, or the other plugins).  For example, you can exempt if the 
message was submitted via SMTP-AUTH, from a trusted IP address, if it's 
smaller than a certain size, if the time is between 1am and 1:05am, 
etc.  The rules are pretty comprehensive and flexible (though, they 
don't yet do full regular expression matching, just * wildcarding, so 
it's not quite as good as procmail's rule structure).

Running it directly on the CGP system means you don't have the problem 
invalid usernames.  But if you still want to run it on a separate 
machine, you could always use milter-ahead on your MailScanner box to 
be sure the username is valid on the end system.

(if you want to have 2 CGP systems, one for scanning and one for direct 
user use, CGP can do something like milter-ahead as well, so you'd set 
that up on the scanning system)

Unlike what someone else suggested ... if your client wants to keep 
running CGP, I wouldn't try to pull that out from under them.

Feel free to ask me questions off-list.


On Jun 27, 2006, at 9:19 AM, Cameron B. Prince wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a client who is having serious issues with spam and other 
> illicit
> content coming through his mail server. I have urged him to consider
> MailScanner but he would prefer to continue using Communigate Pro as 
> his
> staff know the system and are comfortable with it.
> What I am curious about is using MailScanner as a front end for 
> Communigate
> Pro. I have read the MAQ section about using MailScanner in gateway 
> mode
> with Exchange and Domino. Will the same configuration apply for 
> Communigate
> Pro and would it be possible to point the mailertable to a virtual 
> host on
> the same server?
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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