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Wed Jun 28 02:07:03 IST 2006

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your reply. I forwarded it to my client for his review. I am sure
he will be pleased to know that someone else is already using a similar

My client doesn't have nearly the volume you are talking about. We have just
ordered a new Dell dual 3GHz server with 4GB RAM and RAID 5. With this
setup, do you think it's reasonable to expect both MailScanner and
Communigate Pro to be able to run on this same server simultaneously?

The other real concern I have about this is that MailScanner will be
scanning *EVERY* piece of mail coming through the system. Whereas with my
other MailScanner setups, probably 80% of the mail bounces due to invalid
usernames. I guess this will just be the trade off to do this.

Thanks again,

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> I use two sendmail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/ClamAV gateways in front of
> my Communigate Pro mail server. I really like the features and user
> interface on Communigate Pro... But it costs a lot for their in-house
> version of SpamAssassin.  I find that this combination works very well.
> I send outbound directly from the Communigate Pro server, but the MX
> records point to the gateways which forward to the Communigate machine
> (using mailertable). I also added Milter-greylist to sendmail. Also each
> gateway has its own BIND server for doing the RBL lookups. Right now I'm
> only doing a couple of hundred thousand eMails (inbound) a day across
> both gateways and they are not even breaking a sweat (each one is a dual
> 2.8Ghz P4 Xeon machine with 1GB RAM).
> Hope this helps.
> Dennis
> Cameron B. Prince wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have a client who is having serious issues with spam and other illicit
> >content coming through his mail server. I have urged him to consider
> >MailScanner but he would prefer to continue using Communigate Pro as his
> >staff know the system and are comfortable with it.
> >
> >What I am curious about is using MailScanner as a front end for
> Communigate
> >Pro. I have read the MAQ section about using MailScanner in gateway mode
> >with Exchange and Domino. Will the same configuration apply for
> Communigate
> >Pro and would it be possible to point the mailertable to a virtual host
> on
> >the same server?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Cameron
> >
> >
> >
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