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Dennis Willson taz at
Tue Jun 27 19:19:00 IST 2006

I use two sendmail/MailScanner/SpamAssassin/ClamAV gateways in front of 
my Communigate Pro mail server. I really like the features and user 
interface on Communigate Pro... But it costs a lot for their in-house 
version of SpamAssassin.  I find that this combination works very well. 
I send outbound directly from the Communigate Pro server, but the MX 
records point to the gateways which forward to the Communigate machine 
(using mailertable). I also added Milter-greylist to sendmail. Also each 
gateway has its own BIND server for doing the RBL lookups. Right now I'm 
only doing a couple of hundred thousand eMails (inbound) a day across 
both gateways and they are not even breaking a sweat (each one is a dual 
2.8Ghz P4 Xeon machine with 1GB RAM).

Hope this helps.

Cameron B. Prince wrote:

>I have a client who is having serious issues with spam and other illicit
>content coming through his mail server. I have urged him to consider
>MailScanner but he would prefer to continue using Communigate Pro as his
>staff know the system and are comfortable with it.
>What I am curious about is using MailScanner as a front end for Communigate
>Pro. I have read the MAQ section about using MailScanner in gateway mode
>with Exchange and Domino. Will the same configuration apply for Communigate
>Pro and would it be possible to point the mailertable to a virtual host on
>the same server?


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