can we block mails with perticular subject line

Res res at
Sun Jun 25 01:46:59 IST 2006

On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, Julian Field wrote:
> The reason that MailScanner doesn't do this is that I also consider it part 
> of SpamAssassin's job. You can't just do simple keyword checking due to all 
> the words that will trigger false alars, think of little birds called "blue 
> tits" and a place in England called "Scunthorpe". So you need a score-based 
> system looking for likely-sounding words. There already is one of those, and 
> it is very good too. It's called SpamAssassin.
> So please don't expect this feature to appear any time soon...

I modified all of our sendmail boxes to use regex in subject years 
ago they work fine, i'll try a program someone else mentioned here 
recently that qmail can use, pitty if an mta can do it with what we 
beleive to be 0.01% false hits, MS cant :) oh well. life goes on



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