can we block mails with perticular subject line

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Jun 24 12:45:37 IST 2006

On Sat24 Jun 06, at 01:00, Res wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Jun 2006, Raj wrote:
>> I thought MS can do it, because you know MS can parse all  
>> attachment & if it
>> is suspisious it will replace with a warning message. So if  
>> mailscanner can
>> process subject line also, that will be cool .  is'nt??
> yes :)  but saly the fanbois of spam assassin will tell us to go  
> use that even though it has nothing to do with our request to the  
> MailScanner author for inclusion of this ability.

The reason that MailScanner doesn't do this is that I also consider  
it part of SpamAssassin's job. You can't just do simple keyword  
checking due to all the words that will trigger false alars, think of  
little birds called "blue tits" and a place in England called  
"Scunthorpe". So you need a score-based system looking for likely- 
sounding words. There already is one of those, and it is very good  
too. It's called SpamAssassin.

So please don't expect this feature to appear any time soon...

Julian Field
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