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>> What would you like to see on a "Contact Us" web page on 
>> www.mailscanner.info?
>> Currently it is just a mailto: link.
>> Would you like me to replace it with a web page?
>> If so, what would you like to see on it?
>> About all the information I can give is an email address, 
>> hence the current link.
>> Thoughts?
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>> Julian Field
> Personally I have no problem with a mailto link -- but it's kind of
> annoying if the text of the mailto is "contact us" instead of an email
> address.  As minor as it may seem, I'd greatly prefer a simple page that
> has the email address listed, even if the email address on that page is
> linked with a mailto.
> When you see a "Contact Us" link in a tab on a bar where all the other
> tabs take you to a web page, you expect that tab to take you to a web
> page as well.
> I never click a mailto link intentionally, and on many systems that'd
> kick off some convoluted and annoying wizard prompting me to configure
> an integrated email client.  I've even had a simple click on a mailto
> kick off an automated microsoft outlook install - what a pain.
> Very tiny issue though -- I'd never mention it normally...but you did
> ask. :-)  Hope it helps.
I have written a Contact Us web page, hopefully you like it. Please 
check it and let me know what you think.

- -- 
Julian Field
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