Strange HI Load

Thomas Chamtieh tchamtieh at
Fri Jun 16 23:10:33 IST 2006

Hi all,

After I upgraded from 4.46 to 4.54 I started seeing hi load on 2
servers. Looking at the processes. The noticed that after a couple of
hours I have 30-40 MailScanner processes in "waiting for messages" mode.
I have restart every 30 mins. We process over 200K emails a day. I try
as much as I can to take a lod off MailScanner, for example, I use
sbl-xbl in sendmail and RBL checking in SpamAssassin, I'm not using
RulesDuJour. So it shouldn't be acting that way.

Your help is appreciated, I have to check on these 2 servers every 2
hours and restart the MailScanner to get ride of the hung processes.



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