mail with a rar which have hundreds of files

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Fri Jun 16 10:40:54 IST 2006


I am using MailScanner 4.46.2.  I only have a simple setup on MailScanner to
check for virus by Sophos, no antispamming and anti-phishing function.
Recently I have a new customer who at each day end send a mail which have a
rar file, but the rar file have hundreds of dbf files (more than 500
files).  I suppose this customer is backing up their DB each day.

It seems that our MS will unrar the "member" files one by one and scan one
by one.  The mail processing will last around 1.5 hour each day, although
the "Unrar Timeout" parameter is already set at 50 (I checked the code the
timeout of SafePipe function only guard unraring one member file in the rar
file, but not guard the total time of unraring of the member files) .  I am
no much care about this client, but when a MS process take a number of other
mails to process, the others mail will also be delayed.

Currently I have to stop MS, dequeue the mail manually, and start MS
again....It is better to delay other mails.

Is there a new version/configuration of MS that help fixing the problem,
either guarding the total time to process the mail or release the lock for
other mails for other MS process when time exceed, or some other methods
that can help?

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