mailscanner archiving

Michael Baird mike at
Wed Jun 14 15:29:09 IST 2006

Hello, I'm wanting to start utilizing MailScanner's archiving
functionality, and trying to come up with a good way to do it. I have
multiple incoming mx servers, which store mail to a centralized NFS
store. I wanted to have all the mailservers archive to a directory on
this NFS store, which works fine, however if I have them all archive to
the same directory, each sendmail is capable of generating a duplicate
name and will overwrite messages archived by the other servers.

My question is, is it possible or could it be made possible for
MailScanner to have some control over the queue file names, like a tag
on each one which is related to the specific machine, ex. qfEAxxxxxmx1
qfEAxxxxxmx2 etc. If I can already do this with MailScanner or even in
sendmail that would be great as well.

Michael Baird

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