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> Hello, I'm wanting to start utilizing MailScanner's archiving
> functionality, and trying to come up with a good way to do it. I have
> multiple incoming mx servers, which store mail to a centralized NFS
> store. I wanted to have all the mailservers archive to a directory on
> this NFS store, which works fine, however if I have them all archive to
> the same directory, each sendmail is capable of generating a duplicate
> name and will overwrite messages archived by the other servers.
> My question is, is it possible or could it be made possible for
> MailScanner to have some control over the queue file names, like a tag
> on each one which is related to the specific machine, ex. qfEAxxxxxmx1
> qfEAxxxxxmx2 etc. If I can already do this with MailScanner or even in
> sendmail that would be great as well.

I think that the chance sendmail, even on different systems, will generate
duplicate message ID's is very, very small so you shouldn't have a problem.

> Regards
> Michael Baird


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