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Peter Bates Peter.Bates at
Wed Jun 14 14:18:12 IST 2006

Hello all...

More of an SA question, I guess, but just thought I'd ask 
for people's opinions.

I've just upgraded to SA 3.1.3 and was then looking at
init.pre, and the v310.pre and v312.pre on my system.

I've enabled things like Pyzor, Razor2 and DCC (the first two
as they were enabled anyway, the last because I don't mind
the licence problem at the moment).

The ones I'm intrigued with are:


The former seems to be disabled in the SA 3.1.3 distribution
(presumably because of the IP::Country::Fast Perl module requirement),
the latter seems enabled in the 3.1.3 distribution,
but turned off on my system.

Has anyone tweaked these plugins with regard to speed, and
additionally, has anyone tried or is using the DomainKeys plugins?


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