Another call for improvements

Res res at
Sat Jun 10 23:50:05 IST 2006


 	How about consideration of change to the src install script 
like on our redhat counterpart servers, those that use /opt like slackware 
et al takes extra time to move shuffle and and follow the upgrade process 
for MS and Langs requires intervention, so my question is whats wrong with 
just doing it the same way as RH version where it just updates and overwrites?
This saves moving our mrtg and rules files and any customized reports 
etc as well as stuffing around with upgrade sripts :)

Its still a good idiea I think to keep it under /opt as makes easy 
install from backups if something goes pear shaped,  rather than a 
symlink, make it a a true /opt/MailScanner.

I have looked at it and I can see no ill effects for doing it this way, 
but thats me :)


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