Is sophos-autoupdate updating?

Mark Nienberg gmane at
Sat Jun 10 19:39:36 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> I suspect not. The second command a couple of sentences up is the 
> correct one. You have to give the autoupdater the directory in which 
> Sophos is installed. Check that your 
> /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf has the correct directory for the 
> installation of Sophos, or it might still be trying to update an old 
> Sophos v3 or v4 installation in /usr/local/Sophos. But running the 
> Sophos command "savupdate" really should work, start by configuring that 
> so that it works properly. Have you given it the right Sophos username 
> and password to get updates? The MailScanner Sophos V5 autoupdate script 
> uses this command to do the update, so that command on its own must work 
> first.

I agree that it is not updating.  The values in virus.scanners.conf are 
correct.  I installed using the MailScanner installation script, so that 
set the correct values for me.  This machine has never had an older 
version of Sophos on it.  I'll play with username and password.  It may 
be that I am supposed to use the Sophos EM Library password instead of 
the regular user updating password for this.  I'm not sure.

The strange part is that when MailScanner runs the autoupdate it logs 
success, but when I run it it logs failure.  Is it possible that the 
return code is not being passed correctly?


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