Virtual mailuser with their own bayes db?

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MailScanner does not use spamd/spamc at all, it talks directly to 
SpamAssassin's Perl library for speed and efficiency reasons.

However, this does mean that you are stuck to 1 bayes db for the whole 
system, sorry. People such as Matt Kettler (Matt--correct me if I'm 
wrong) have constructed very reliable spam detection without using bayes 
at all, so this isn't actually a big problem. Most people run with 
bayes, with one bayes db shared between all their customers/users and 
have no problems with it at all.

So that bad news is that you can't do it. The good news is that it 
doesn't actually matter anyway.


Christian Pedaschus wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> i'm using mailscanner-4.54.6, latest qmail-ldap and courier-imap-3.0.8
> and try to get spamassassin to use a separate bayes db for every virtual
> mailuser instead of a global one, but can't get it to work nor did i
> find anything in the wiki/documentation about it (perhaps i'm blind, pls
> excuse if so, was a long day).
> i found a howto to patch spamd to get the vuser home-dir from courier,
> but it's not of much help because i'm no perl-developer and can't
> convert the needed steps to spamassassin. i looked around in
> Mailscanner/lib/Mailscanner/ and line 89-92 look promising, but i
> don't fully understand them. the sa-howto patches the getpwnam call to
> return the data from courier, i guess that's what i need to do here, i
> just don't know how or where exactly.
> can someone give me a hint on how to get this running?
> Greets, Chris
> ps. the mentioned spamd-patch howto:

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