Virtual mailuser with their own bayes db?

Christian Pedaschus cpedaschus at
Sat Jun 10 00:34:58 IST 2006

Hi everybody,

i'm using mailscanner-4.54.6, latest qmail-ldap and courier-imap-3.0.8
and try to get spamassassin to use a separate bayes db for every virtual
mailuser instead of a global one, but can't get it to work nor did i
find anything in the wiki/documentation about it (perhaps i'm blind, pls
excuse if so, was a long day).

i found a howto to patch spamd to get the vuser home-dir from courier,
but it's not of much help because i'm no perl-developer and can't
convert the needed steps to spamassassin. i looked around in
Mailscanner/lib/Mailscanner/ and line 89-92 look promising, but i
don't fully understand them. the sa-howto patches the getpwnam call to
return the data from courier, i guess that's what i need to do here, i
just don't know how or where exactly.

can someone give me a hint on how to get this running?

Greets, Chris

ps. the mentioned spamd-patch howto:

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