Problem with delivery of clean mail

Tiago J. S. Martins Cruz tjcruz at
Fri Jun 9 18:57:51 IST 2006

I'm having trouble with my MailScanner configuration and I'm hoping  
someone on this list could giev me a hand. The MX server for the  
domain I administer is based on a FC5 Linux Distribution with  
MailScanner+sendmail in gateway mode.

In my mailscanner.conf file I have enabled the "Deliver Cleaned
Messages" option but it doesn't seems to work. When a message with an  
infected attachment hits the system the postmaster is notified but the  
cleaned message (without the infected attach) is not delivered to the  
recipient. I saw something similar on the mailing list archives, circa  
2004 but the solution that worked then was a patch to the ""  

My maillog file doesn't shows any kind of errors - however it does  
have the log entries for the messages sent to the postmaster. Apart  
from that, no sign of any message sent to the recipients of the  
cleaned messages.

Thanks, in advance, for any help
--Tiago Cruz

My configuration is as follows:

   i686 i386 GNU/Linux
This is Fedora Core release 5 (Bordeaux)
This is Perl version 5.008008 (5.8.8)

This is MailScanner version 4.54.6
Module versions are:
1.00    AnyDBM_File
1.14    Archive::Zip
1.04    Carp
1.119   Convert::BinHex
1.00    DirHandle
1.05    Fcntl
2.74    File::Basename
2.09    File::Copy
2.01    FileHandle
1.08    File::Path
0.16    File::Temp
0.90    Filesys::Df
1.35    HTML::Entities
3.54    HTML::Parser
2.37    HTML::TokeParser
1.22    IO
1.13    IO::File
1.13    IO::Pipe
1.71    Mail::Header
3.05    MIME::Base64
5.420   MIME::Decoder
5.420   MIME::Decoder::UU
5.420   MIME::Head
5.420   MIME::Parser
3.03    MIME::QuotedPrint
5.420   MIME::Tools
0.10    Net::CIDR
1.09    POSIX
1.78    Socket
0.13    Sys::Syslog
1.86    Time::HiRes
1.02    Time::localtime

Optional module versions are:
0.17    Convert::TNEF
1.814   DB_File
1.12    DBD::SQLite
1.50    DBI
1.15    Digest
1.01    Digest::HMAC
2.36    Digest::MD5
2.11    Digest::SHA1
0.44    Inline
0.17    Mail::ClamAV
3.001003        Mail::SpamAssassin
1.999001        Mail::SPF::Query
0.20    Net::CIDR::Lite
1.24    Net::IP
0.57    Net::DNS
missing Net::LDAP
1.94    Parse::RecDescent
missing SAVI
1.4     Sys::Hostname::Long
2.56    Test::Harness
0.62    Test::Simple
1.98    Text::Balanced
1.35    URI

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

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