OT: Request answer off-list-- Sendmail+MailScanner+Mailman configs

dnsadmin 1bigthink.com dnsadmin at 1bigthink.com
Fri Jun 9 18:42:02 IST 2006

Hello All,

I've got a Mail server with Sendmail + MailScanner + Mailman.

The mailman lists are working fine. MailScanner is working fine within 
the mailing lists too.

It wasn't until someone tried using mail accounts on the same domain as 
the list server that I realized sendmail was not working properly.

Sendmail is receiving mail for the accounts, but I cannot authenticate 
any accounts on the domain.

I suspect the problem either lies in the mailertable or the 
sendmail.mc/sendmail.cf file.

The one thing that really complicates this is SMTP-AUTH on the regular 
mail. I am using saslauthd with Pam. My main mail server (completely 
separate server) is setup this way and is functioning properly, so I 
mimicked configs.

I am no expert at the sendmail.mc/sendmail.cf, nor the mailman 
mechanisms being used. I understand enough to be dangerous. Quite complex!

If any one expresses an interest in helping, please take this off-list 
unless you think it may help the group. I might need to compose a Niki 
item on this, once ironed-out!

Please reply to dnsadmin-at-1bigthink.com.

Thanks All!

Glenn Parsons

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