Body text garbled UTF-8/BASE64 combination

Chris Green chrisgreen at
Mon Jun 5 03:59:41 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:
>Chris Green wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I have been experiencing a strange issue with either Mailscanner or 
>>Postfix which I am stuck with. I have built a machine as per the 
>>instructions at - essentially a Debian Sarge box with 
>>MailScanner, Postfix, SpamAssassin and ClamAV. Instructions have been 
>>followed verbatim. The vast majority of email is relayed with no issues at 
>>all, 90% of spam is canned
>Only 90%? You should be able to do a lot better than that. I usually manage 
>98% with no reported false positives. And I have 2000 very fussy users who 
>would scream at me if they discovered any messages went missing. Make sure 
>you are using at least DCC, Razor, SURBL and rules_du_jour in addition to 
>plain SpamAssassin.
>I don't like their recommendations very much: using all that lot in "Spam 
>List" is a sure way to get a very slow server. Stick with the recommended 
>default values for this, all the others are checked much better by 
>SpamAssassin anyway.
>Their whole setup is a pretty simple, slightly naive, setup. If you must 
>use Debian then fine, but make sure you have all the extra plugins to 
>SpamAssassin not only installed but also correctly configured. 
>Out-of-the-box, SpamAssassin won't use DCC, Razor, SURBL and so on without 
>being told to, and that requires edits to a fairly well-hidden 
>configuration file. The easy-to-install ClamAV and SpamAssassin package on 
>the MailScanner web site does this lot for you, for example.
The 90% figure is more down to our lack of bravado when configuring this 
product which is still very new to us. When looking at what actually gets 
through to the mailboxes (ie not counting those in the quarantine area) it's 
much more like the 98% you cite above  :-)

However, the point is that the vast majority of mail gets through and three 
(known to be ham) mails have got screwed up. I will build another box using 
the packages you describe and see how we get on. It should quickly become 
clear whether the introduction of DCC, Razor, SURBL and rules_du_jour 
resolve this issue, I'll keep you posted.

I appreciate your feedback very much and love the product despite this small 
issue. I am determined to get this working. Thanks Julian.

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