Body text garbled UTF-8/BASE64 combination

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Jun 4 15:08:49 IST 2006

On 04/06/06, Chris Green <chrisgreen at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have been experiencing a strange issue with either Mailscanner or Postfix
> which I am stuck with. I have built a machine as per the instructions at
> - essentially a Debian Sarge box with MailScanner,
> Postfix, SpamAssassin and ClamAV. Instructions have been followed verbatim.
> The vast majority of email is relayed with no issues at all, 90% of spam is
> canned and not a virus in sight. However, three times in the past three
> weeks we have received an email where the body text is completely garbled.
> This is probably 0.01% of incoming traffic.
> I have posted an example pic at -
> it's impossible to explain!
> mail.err and mail.warn are both clean and neither of them indicates that the
> corrupted messages are any different to others that are delivered without an
> issue. The only pattern we have identified so far is that each affected
> message is encoded using UTF-8/BASE64 - but I can offer no evidence that
> this is unique amongst all mail being received.
> I am in Hong Kong, so it is possible that locales are something to do with
> this issue. The only thing we have done so far is to run dpkg-reconfigure
> locales and add in Asian language locales and corresponding UTF-8 locales
> for all languages that the system is configured for. However, the problem
> continues. If anyone can suggest things that we could do to find out what
> the problem is we would be grateful.
> Chris
What version of MailScanner and Postfix are that? (I didn't want to
register to get at the real info:-)

-- Glenn
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