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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Jun 2 14:16:20 IST 2006

I have set up a page on the wiki devoted to a possible World Tour so  
I can come and meet some of you and say Hi, possibly involving a  
couple of nights on your sofa to see the city/town/village/country  
you live in.

Please could you add some details of where you are (Google Earth  
links might be an idea), when are the best times of year, and stuff  
like that. Your name would be really useful too!

There is a "World Tour" section at the bottom of the front page of There are a few suggested sections in it but  
feel free to do your own thing, just don't delete any real content.

Thanks folks!

On 23 May 2006, at 20:13, Chris Hammond wrote:

>>>> MailScanner at 05/23/06 2:55 pm >>>
>>> Well as much as I am proud to be a Hoosier, (I actually consider
>>> myself a Texan, spent 16 years there in the USAF, married, both sons
>>> born there) you only have three weeks!
>> I have been to DC and NY before, so don't need to stop there for  
>> long,
>> if at all, just to say hello. I might go to DC this summer for a few
>> days anyway (Steve ----  you up for that?)
> If you do, come south a little and we can feed you plenty of  
> seafood and
> beer. :)
>>> You should see DC, New York, and the Pacific Northwest
>>> (Seattle/Alaska). A whirlwind "MailScanner World Tour" should see  
>>> the
>>> sights first. Indiana can only offer home town hospitality, good
>>> cookin', and friendly people. If you come, we would love to have  
>>> you.
>> That's great, thanks! I might be able to stretch it a bit, or else I
>> will have to splite it into 2 trips (or is that 3 now, including S.A.
>> and New Zealand?)
> Get that donation site setup.  I'm sure you could get enough to  
> offset the
> cost of the trip and maybe pay and extra couple of week of salary  
> to give
> you more time to take things in.
>> A U.S. only tour sounds increasingly likely here. I could do  
>> Alaska and
>> Canada in a separate trip. (My G*d, this is turning into a set of  
>> trips,
>> we're up to 3 now!)
> If it keeps going like this, you may just want to move to the US  
> for 6 months,
> then Canada for a few, then.......
>>> Do it on a motorcycle, you would never be the same ;^)
>> Probably spread all over the road like tomato paste :- )
> Naa, stay away from the motorcycles.  We would all go insane and  
> kill ourselves
> if we didn't have you around to help us keep our spam under  
> control.  :)
> Chris

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